Boundless Adventures – Case Study


  • Gain High Domain Authority
  • Increase the Number of Visitors to the Website
  • Reduce toxic backlink
  • Gain Referral domains via guest posting
  • Improve on-page score
  • Rank on “Peak climbing Nepal” Keyword

Generic Objective

  • Gain organic traffic
  • Carry out website-related optimization
  • Gain leads through organic visits
  • Long-lasting SEO Strategy

The strategy

To start with, we first audited the overall website & noted down the findings. We figured there were a lot of issues regarding on-page SEO but since the client has specific requirements we have to stick to that only.

As SEO contractors, we have performed a comprehensive audit of the existing website and noted some things that needed to be fixed. The current site structure makes for a challenging search experience for users, so we worked hard on organizing page elements more logically. Additionally, there are several areas which can be optimized further regarding on-page SEO but given the specific requirements set forth by the client, our SEO goals need to meet the following criteria – and this will take precedence over any concerns with regards to particular technical shortfalls.

So the requirements are,

  • Rank on Nepal peak climbing in SERP
  • Gain Referral domains via guest posting

You see, a consultant needs to listen carefully to what their client wants rather than assuming they have correct expectations in the first place. Sometimes when a client cannot give such details to a consultant, the best thing for them to do is provide just enough information for them to build an understanding of the project or idea that’s being pitched. Then from there, it’s important for them to sort through any tasks which would be required in order to achieve success with the proposed project or idea by asking questions and receiving answers- which are likely going to be provided only after they ask further questions!

So, keeping this in mind here’s the strategy we came up with

Keyword research > Add content to the respective page > Check off on-page elements (h1…H2…h3) > crawl the web page > promote across search engine


We crafted a 3-month plan to create a linking building & keyword ranking strategy

1-month: Check on page elements

2-month: Keyword optimization & implementation every page

3-month: Add content at least 800 words & gain authority backlinks



Nepal Peak Climbing

Boundless adventures


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