The Muse Meditation – Case Study


  • Gain Youtube Subscribers
  • Increase Youtube View Count
  • Optimize Youtube Videos for organic ranking
  • Gain Engagement on Videos

Generic Objective:

Gain Subscribers & View Count

The Problem

Basically Muse meditation serves music – Healing Meditation, Relaxing sounds that drives away stress. On doing the preliminary youtube audit we figured there were no optimizations done – i. e the features on Youtube were not utilized. 

Here are few things we noticed,

  • No Youtube Tags used
  • Playlists lacked descriptions and were not organized as playlists for videos.
  • There was no relevant YouTube content category established for the entire channel.
  • The YouTube content was merely arbitrary and unresearched.
  • No content was shared elsewhere.

The Strategy

To counter these, we ran these activities

  • Wrote a description for each video you posted.
  • Included the appropriate tags for each video
  • Created playlists for various musical Categories
  • Placed the YouTube channel in the appropriate category.
  • Figured out the competitors on the same niche & identified the areas of improvement
  • Videos are uploaded with custom thumbnail
  • Distributed youtube content across marketing channels


Note: Similar strategy worked for Goodvibes youtube channel & Lofi Cat

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