Third Rock Adventures – SEO Case Study


  • Gain High Domain Authority
  • Increase the Number of Visitors to the Website
  • Increase Visitor Time on Pages
  • Maximize Page Speed
  • Reduce toxic backlink
  • Improve Backlink Quality
  • Improve on-page score 
  • Establish a consistent blog strategy

Generic Objective 

  • Dominate Google
  • Long-lasting SEO Strategy

The Strategy

Let’s face it: an increasing number of travelers want to do everything online, including finding the right itinerary, tour packages & accommodations. Keeping that in mind we saw the potential of people looking for travel options in Nepal. The interest data from google trends also showed searches related to travel to Nepal.

As lockdown grounded airlines and shut down hotels, every quarantined globe-trotter wondered when they’d be able to travel again. The tour operator at Third Rock Adventures was quick to see the demand for travel information as an opportunity to build authority as a trusted source of COVID-related travel updates. We offered recommendations to optimize such a page for search, and the quick collaboration yielded impressive results.

Additionally, Collaborating with thirdorck adventures to place a name among 3000+ tour companies in Nepal was a tough call but gradually things improved significantly. As per our recommendation, third rock news happened & that also made an impact amid the crisis.

Later on, We focused on blog optimization on doing such, we witnessed 10% growth in existing traffic which was motivating for us while starting out. 

There are a few best that are crucial for increasing your bank’s online search presence in the ever-changing world of SEO as well as customer search preferences.

These Practices Include:

❖ On-Page SEO

❖ Off-Page SEO

❖ High-Quality Content

❖ Internal and External Linking

❖ Local SEO and PPC

We ve been able to penetrate a robust digital marketing strategy for Third Rock Adventures

🔍 The Problem

Based on our analysis, even big names are missing out on one or more things. Obviously, every business has its own marketing budget, budget differences are all there but our approach is to get the most out of the budget allocated for marketing purposes. From the table below we can clearly see the status of third rock vs competition

💡 Proposed Solution

Our approach is to check all the boxes i.e we worked on increasing overall visibility, Domain authority & ultimately the traffic of the website. Additionally, we worked on increasing referral, social media & email marketing traffic to the website. This way we are able to capture all potential customers, no matter where they are coming from.

Competitor Study: Third Rock Vs Travel Companies

Third Rock Marketing Insights

Traffic source countries
Traffic source of ThirdRock Adventures

💰 Results

Organic Keyword in different countries
Traffic Distribution
Web Traffic of Thrid Rock Adventures
Web Traffic of Thrid Rock Adventures

🔑 Key Lessons

  • Google’s goal is to serve the most relevant site to each searcher. So we need to address query maintaining the relevancy of the site
  • Your efforts or ranking can get tanked if you wish to choose shortcuts on SEO
  • Building backlinks & installing webmaster tools ain’t SEO
  • Site structure – On page elements – Off page elements = Win-Win


Ranking on the first page doesn’t guarantee leads – Yes, but staying on the top brings traffic so there are chances of you getting leads yet conversion also depends on the services company offers. 

High Domain Authority does it even matter – It may or may not matter but while reaching out to other high DA sites there are many chances of getting a link back. 

Backlinks can be easily purchased to gain DA – NO if you care about google ranking in the long-term. Buying links can mess you up.

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