Fashionktm – Case Study


  • Gain High Domain Authority
  • Increase the Number of Visitors to the Website
  • Gain Referral domains 
  • Improve on-page score 
  • Rank on “online fashion store Nepal” Keyword

Generic Objective 

  • Gain Organic Traffic
  • Carry out website-related optimization
  • Gain leads through organic visits
  • Long-lasting SEO Strategy

The strategy

In response to the SEO challenges identified,  our process follows the following cycle in the diagram below. Each point represents a different stage in the optimization process that will put the site in a position of strength when competing in Google’s SERPs. 

Technical Audit > One Page Optimization > Gain authority Backlinks > Improve DA of the website > content promotion > Analytics & Improvement


We crafted a 3-month plan to create a linking building & keyword ranking strategy

1-month: Technical Audit

2-month: On-Page Optimization

3-month: Off-Page Optimization 


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